Auto Tape Dispenser EZ-10K


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  • Memory function: six different lengths can be retained
  • Programming function: six different lengths can be programmed to cut
  • Possible to cut two roll tapes at the same time due to dual photo sensor
  • Tape support to position a cut piece of tape
  • No bobbin needed
  • Cuts non-adhesive tapes
  • Built-in seperator for cutting two rolls of tape, guide plate, blade oil, and power cord
  • Uses a range of tape thickness from .002 in. to .012 in. (.05mm-.3mm)
  • Usable tapes include: Craft, PP, Vinyl, Filament, Glass, Cloth, Double-sided, Strapping, Protective Film, Aluminum foil, and others
  • Has a feeding speed of 8.7in/sec. (220mm/sec.)
  • Anti-static ABS body material
  • Rated voltage: AC 100V-240V | 50/60HZ | 25 W | Fuse 2A (AC Inlet Build-in)