UTICA – Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench & Preset w/ Head

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UTICA offers a complete line of manual torque screwdrivers ranging from 30 Inch Lbs. to 165 Foot Lbs. Both Micrometer Adjustable and Preset are available throughout the range. The Wrenches are Bi-Directional.

Utica Quality
Quality is evident as soon as you pick up any Utica Torque Wrench, and the well defined ‘Click’ when torque is achieved will be appreciated by your operators. All Utica Torque products are also made in the USA.

Utica click style micrometer adjustable torque wrenches are built to exacting standards to maintain maximum accuracy. Only top grade materials are used in this Utica torque wrench. Working parts are heat-treated to increase durability and service life. Each wrench is tested with equipment traceable to NIST standards. Because of a high commonality of parts, the procedures for calibrating Utica click wrenches are the same from the smallest to the largest wrench in our product offering. This saves the operator time and the expense of developing specific procedures for different wrench sizes.

1 review for UTICA – Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench & Preset w/ Head

  1. Bruce Heasley

    Knowledgeable, fair pricing and carries inventory to support your needs. I would highly recommend A Aides for your Utica needs or for any of your tool requirements.

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