Angle Head Screwdrivers

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Product Description

Good accessibility – The small size, slim design angle head provides for excellent access in limited spaces and awkward positions.

Shut off tools are the best choice for machine screws, thread rolling screws and threads forming screws for plastic.

Safer joints – The rapid mechanism in shut-off models means accurate tightening, time after time, independent of variations in joint stiffness.

High capacity – Despite the small size, the angle screwdrivers have a high capacity and wearing properties to match the highest demands in industrial line production.

Less operator fatigue – The balance and the slim design contribute to the ergonomic design and make the tools convenient to work with for maximum operator performance.

Lubrication-free – Oil free exhaust. Easy installation.

RE-reporting – Connection ports for reporting signal, -RE, are easily arranged on the angle screwdrivers with a conversion kit available as optional equipment (see page 39).

The new LTV009 angle head screwdrivers, designed with focus on accessibility, ergonomics, ease of handling and highest productivity without sacrificing accuracy in tightening. The result is a series of screwdrivers with unmatched performance for its size.


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