ASG HIOS VB Series Direct Plug In Brushless Electric screwdrivers

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These new drivers feature a new ergonomic design intended to create the lowest possible operator fatigue. An instantaneous braking system minimizes torque reaction and possible overextension. The lightweight in-line design features a comfortable ribbed grip. Sound levels during operation are under 45 decibels.

VZ drivers are designed for accuracy. Advanced electronics stop motor rotation at a pre-set torque, preventing over and under-tightening. They are often used instead of air-powered driver systems because they require no filters, oilers, piping or compressors, and are clean in operation. VZ drivers operate in torque ranges from 3.5 to 39 and can accommodate #2 through #10 fasteners. They are UL listed and come with a 10 ft. heavy duty power cord.

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