CEMENTEX Double Insulated Torque Screwdriver Kit

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Model 236TSDK is an insulated torque screwdriver kit. This Cementex safety tool allows personnel to work around energized equipment without fear of bodily harm. The 236TSD Torque Screwdriver has a 2- to 36-inch/pound range. Kit includes 16 bits in a case with die-cut foam. You get three square shafts (#1, #2, #3), six Torx (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40), two magnetic sockets (1?4, 5?16), 1?4 square socket drive, two Phillips (#1, #2) and two flat screwdrivers (3?16, 1?4). Tool has a lifetime warranty; one year on insulation and case.


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