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Shut of tools are the best choice for machine screws, thread rolling screws and threads forming screws for plastic.

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More reliable joints – The LUM shut-off mechanism means accurate tightening, time after time, independent of variations in joint stiffness.

Low reaction force – Rapid clutch with air shut-off reduces the reaction force on the wrist.

Low sound levels – The housing with patented silencer gives a low sound level.

All models designed for maximum operator comfort – The HR can be used with high grip when feed force is needed or with low grip for minimal reaction force. HRX models are perfectly balanced for standard pistol grip applications.

Lubrication‑free. Oil free exhaust.Easy installation.

HRF – Means that the air supply is done from the top of the tool (LUM25 HRF) or that the tool has multiple air inlets (LUM12 HRF) out of which from the top is one available option. These pistol grip configurations optimize operator comfort and productivity in applications where the air supply is best done from above the assembly line, or when space requirements in the application requires a different air supply configuration.

The LUM12 and 22 series both feature compact design, low weight combined with power and speed comparable to larger sized tools. High accuracy and torque repetability combined with durability are always core features for Atlas Copco´s pneumatic screwdrivers.

LUM SM – for sheet metal screws When tightening screws in sheet metal you might need a high torque to produce the threads in the metal and low final torque. LUM SM runs the screw down at maximum torque with the clutch deactivated. Towards the end of the tightening
the shut-off clutch is automatically activated.
The clutch then releases at the desired torque. The front nose is modified to fit different applications and screw types.

RE‑reporting – LUM pistol tools are available in RE-reporting version for process controll, either as a separate tool model or as a regular tool in combination with an RE-kit.

Soft stop options – This model features a modified clutch and gear package for those applications where shock sensitive electronic devices might be harmed by the vibrations from the clutch action. The smooth shut-off also reduces the jerk to the hand of the operator.


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