Straight Screwdrivers

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More reliable joints – The LUM shut-off mechanism means accurate tightening, time after time, independent of variations in joint stiffness.

Low reaction force – Rapid clutch with air shut-off reduces the reaction force on the wrist.

Low sound levels – Thanks to non resonating plastics and soft grips, patented silencer and exhaust hose.

Operator comfort – Correct grip diameter and a comfortable grip surface are key elements to a truly ergonomic design that will reduce reaction forces on the operator, reduce fatigue and eliminate cold hands.

The LUM12 and LUM22 both offer very high power and speed for their size combined with the most ergonomic design in the market with the new soft grip handle and the ergo-push collar to facilitate the push motion.

Soft stop options – This model features a modified clutch and gear package for those applications where shock sensitive electronic devices might be harmed by the vibrations from the clutch action. The smooth shut-off also reduces the jerk to the hand of the operator.

RE-reporting – All LUM straight screwdrivers with lever start can be supplied in reporting, -RE, versions or can be converted locally. (See page 39 for conversion kits).


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