STURTEVANT LTC Preset Series Dovetail Head Series

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The LTC Series preset torque wrenches are a /- 4% accuracy ‘click style’ wrench which meets or exceeds ASME-B107.14M & ISO6789 standards. Included is NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. Variations of the LTC Series are : LTCR – Which incorporates a fixed reversible ratchet head; LTCS – A fixed square drive head.; LTC – Unique dovetail design allows the use of your choice of 140 different interchangeable wrench heads. Use CART Tool to set LTC Wrench.(See Accessories).

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2 reviews for STURTEVANT LTC Preset Series Dovetail Head Series

  1. Mellisa

    Awesome service and products

  2. Michael Locher (verified owner)

    I rate this STURTEVANT LTC Preset Series and the micrometer adjustable torque wrenches very highly.
    Being in the hydraulics business we use these exclusively. After being calibrated there is very little to no variance in setting over the years that I have calibrated them in house. The ease of use is also important with the tolerance we deal with. Several other suppliers have approached our company with different types of torque wrenches all of which are good equipment but when testing for repeatability the ease of use shows this type of tool is superior.

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